Why do so many girls post naked pictures of themselves on tumblr?

That’s great that you’re comfortable with your body enough to post pictures on the internet. But why are you posting pictures of it on the internet in the first place? So people will comment and say ZOMG YOU’RE SO SEXY? Because if you’re doing it for the comments, chances are you’re not as comfortable with yourself as you think you are.

If you’re really that comfortable, go model for an art class, because then you can feel comfortable with your body and you get to help make art, which is a beautiful thing to do and I think it would be a pretty empowering experience.

If you’re not comfortable with that, then why the fuck are you posting nude pictures on the internet. So creepy dudes can jack off to your picture? Because that’s what’s happening. And that’s not flattering, that’s making pornography. And if that’s your intention, then great. 

I really don’t get the point of posting nude pictures on the internet, unless you are a photographer and you’re doing it with the intention of showing off your art, because there are some nude pictures that are taken very skillfully and are truly beautiful.

"Art" is not bending over in front of your webcame so the world can see your tits, especially if you look like you’re twelve, which a lot of the girls in this pictures do.

Moral of the story? Ask yourself why you’re posting a naked picture of yourself before posting it. If you’re doing it because you have low self esteem and it makes you feel better about yourself…there are other ways of feeling better about yourself, trust me.

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